Our values define us and are central to all our activity
All those associated with Haumi Psychology are fully qualified and registered with the relevant professional body and are assured to have the correct data protection and safeguarding arrangements in place.  Credibity and integrity are essential prerequisites for all working with us.
All of our therapuetic referrals / enquiries are triaged and co-ordinated by qualified staff to ensure an ethical and therapeutically informed process of matching individual needs with service options. This means that the best psychological professional is allocated in each and every case, and provided a range of supervision, peer review and professional support options. If we are not able to assist we will always try to provide alternative options via our wider professional network.
Ethically sound
We adopt an ethical approach to all of our work and will not agree to any involvement that we deem to be inappropriate or outside our areas of expertise and competence. Wherever possible we will suggest ethical alternatives available either in house or by other service providers.
We believe that every individual, group or organisation is unique and should therefore be treated as such. All of our work is guided by the principle of being responsive to these unique needs and providing a bespoke package of psychological input.
We value diversity in all of its forms and adopt a sensitive approach to difference. Furthermore we recognise the importance of sensitivity relating to information and are registered under the Data Protection Act with the Information Commission.
We believe that every human has a valuable role within our society and should be treated as such, regardless of their circumstances. We also strongly encourage a healthy home work balance and promote family friendly policies.


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